Why I am TCHB

I started this blog because I was finally ready to journal again. I have been journaling for years, but always for my kids, the old fashioned way – in an actual book. They each have a book going at any time and my oldest has many volumes at this point and I write down funny moments about them and their growth, but never much about anything besides them. I really needed an outlet for what I was interested in. My mother is really the one who encouraged me to run with this. “Make it your job,” she said. “Do it every day, before you do anything else.” This was a great idea, but not one that I have been able to actually practice. Life still gets in the way a bit.

I spent a lot of time, inordinately so, toiling over the title of this blog. Why? I am not really sure, other than I needed a title that said something about me. I am a bit flip (irreverent really!) most of the time, so my humor had to show, hence the Half Baked part. I am a hippy of sorts and pride myself on my ability to make things and live lean, although I don’t know where I inherited that from, as my family is very much Mid-Western middle-America, but I guess living lean is something we do very well.

So after a couple of harrowing years professionally, I found myself in an interesting predicament: No job or money, but lots of time to pursue what I loved. It was the proverbial catch-22 that led me here. Now I spend my days cooking, or at least planning for cooking and talking about cooking. And blogging about it when I can, though poorly at times, but blogging just the same. While I don’t detail all the times I force my kids to eat leftovers (these are called Twice Cooked at my house – the other half of my virtual name), we do definitely eat them. Since I am a very amateur photographer as it is, I won’t ruin what little bit of visual element I have by adding those photos! Nobody should have to suffer through a photo journal of leftovers.

I hope that you enjoy the blog and that you will feel comfortable to comment about anything you see here. I hope you won’t complain when I don’t talk about just food. There is more to food than the food itself: why are we eating something, where did it come from, what it means to me, what does the family think of it, does it play into my “mocavore” (mostly-locavore – not mocha-locally – LOL!) attempts to feed my family, and when I burn the soup. As one of my new favorite bloggers, Local Kitchen, wrote: “There are many great reasons to eat locally…, but I admit that my primary motivation is taste: never in my life have I eaten so well. Besides, I’m too poor to be elitist and too foul-mouthed to be holier than thou, so really: taste was my only option.”

This is what makes me TCHB.



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