Half-Year Birthday / Valentine’s Day

So after very little practice and a whole lot of Pinterest searching, my assistant and I finally decided we had better settle on a simple design that we would be more likely to pull off, rather than to be sucked into thinking we could go with what we thought was cutest.

Sadly, even a 2-color pallet had much debate.  In the end, I got to make the call, as my assistant/birthday girl was unavailable to help me.  I opted for a basic white base that would allow us to add a couple of colors for flair.

To start right off, we had a total fiasco with the pink.  It was supposed to be light pink, but even though I added what I thought was a smaller-than-a-pea sized drop, it was instantly hot pink.  Then, I had a meltdown with the piping bag.  In the end, my assistant decided to just paint it on with a toothpick.

Right now my hands are stained and I am exhausted.  Never mind getting any decent photos of this.  If I ever decide to do this again, I hope someone will slap the shit out of me.


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