Superbowl Food

One would think that the Superbowl would be a gift for a food blogger.  And you would be right. However, the Superbowl nearly always falls close enough, if not on, my husband’s birthday, so he gets to dictate what we do to celebrate the combined event.

This past summer he discovered a German pub not far from our house.  I think he was missing his Austrian grandmother who had passed away earlier this year and this was a comforting and nostalgic way to remember her.  We took the kids there in late September, which happened to coincide with Oktoberfest.  Maybe not the best way to introduce the children to the food and culture, but it was definitely a “scared straight” introduction to bar life!

The food in this little non-descript pub was amazing!  They have a braunschweiger that reminded me of my own childhood.  And the portions were so generous. We ordered several items for sharing and still ended up with a couple of extra meals from the doggy bags we took home.

So when I queried him about the plan for this year – it was German food, without a second thought.  On the upside, it meant I didn’t have to cook and I could just sit and relax and watch the game, but on the downside, it also meant I had nothing to blog about on a day when the world is sharing their version of nachos and sliders.

So while I am certain I have some secret slider that would have changed the world, I will just have to share it another day.


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