What a Royal pain in the…

OK, so I had this brilliant idea to make sugar cookies with royal frosting.  I always see so many pretty cookies on Pinterest that I figured I would give it a shot.  How hard could it be?

Hard?  No.  Time-consuming?  Yes.

My daughter had been talking about how she has never celebrated her birthday at school because she is an August baby.  Another kid at school had just celebrated his 1/2 year birthday for the same reason, so we figured we would try to ride his coattails a bit and do the same.  The teacher gave us the green light to do something for Valentine’s Day, as this would fall pretty close to the half-way mark.  We were also given the go-ahead for a sweet treat, which was huge since the official school policy is “no sweets”.

My trusty assistant and I did a little research on Pinterest and decided that it would be best to start simple, just for practice.  So she picked 2 colors – hot pink and red.  I had used nearly half a jar of red paste and it was still nowhere near the “strawberry” color we were aiming for, but figured we better save some for the actual birthday cookies.

Turns out my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe makes about a million cut-outs.  Top that off with each cookie taking several steps to get fully frosted and that equals an achy back. Each cookie had to be outlined, filled and embellished.

I’m thankful the kids were so into doing it.  Once I figured out the basics, I turned it over to them.  They used a ton of sprinkles and all of the red hots, but we had fun with this little experiment.  I think we will still make these for her special 1/2-year birthday.  But now we will be better prepared and know what we are walking into.

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