Not your grandma’s pot pie

Ever since I discovered The Great British Bake-Off on BBC/PBS, I have become addicted. I missed all of the seasons prior to 2013, due to my lack of knowledge about the existence of said show, but I have watched somewhat religiously since.

What I love most about the show is that it inspires me to make something new.  Every year they tackle things that I have never heard of.  I always assumed this is because of the European nature of it, but then the contestants often seem as baffled as I am by the recipe and that makes me feel better.  So when I decided to jump back into my blog, I ran through my memory of shows and the things that I wanted to try.

One of the recipes that stuck with me since Season 6, was the Raised Game Pie from the Victorian Episode (7). Mostly because I am a fan of pot pies and also because I have NEVER been able to get a pie crust to turn out. The hot-water crust had me intrigued and I wondered if this was the answer to my pie prayers.

So with this in mind, I, of course, went to my pantry for further inspiration.  I always have bacon on hand, and I had just purchased some pork loin for the BBQ, but decided to switch gears and make an all-pork raised pie.  I added to it some pork breakfast sausage, which has strong sage notes.  To take it in a direction of my own, I added Apple Chutney, Black Bean Sauce, and Chile Flakes, plus some onion.  Overall, it was fruity, sweet’ish

and with a bit of a spicy follow through. I used the judge’s recipe for the crust, but winged the rest of it.

Again, my assistant was my youngest.  She helped with the flavor profile, taste-testing, photography and food styling.  If nothing else, I am loving this new partnership.

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