Squeeze me! I can’t believe I’m back!

Well, it’s been a long time since I did a blog post.  I had the best of intentions millions of times, and even a handful of drafts and even more photos taken, but I never managed to pull it all together.  But I’m back baby!

This year, I decided to give setting some goals (a.k.a. resolutions) a try.  First off, I want to try to create a blog post at least once a week.  This, of course, means I have to plan for it.  But more importantly, I have to refamiliarize myself with my camera. EEKS!  Can’t believe I let it all go so easily.  It’s a bit like riding a bike, I guess.  It seems familiar, but at the same time, I feel like I am forgetting something that may be critical to my own safety – LOL.  I better pull out the manual!

Also on this year’s list, I am hoping to finally give up black tea. Those who know me know that this is a big deal.  When you think of addictions, most people don’t automatically think of tea; unless you are thinking about me.  It has been an “epic problem” for years.  I spend too much money at Starbucks and find myself literally working my day around getting my fix (many times on some days).  I have been on the wagon for 2 weeks now, and even though I feel better (overall less exhausted feeling, but MAN! those first 3 days were one long migraine!), I still find myself staring at people in restaurants drinking iced tea and longing to join them.

My only other major goal this year is to get my office finished.  I have worked from home for years, and yet I work in an unfinished space with mismatched furnishings.  The previous owners of our home converted the garage into another room, which is now our home office.  The space has painted drywall and a nice light fixture, but that’s where it stops. We have unfinished cement floors and NO heat.  The lack of heat is a benefit in August, but now that it is January, I don’t even work in that room.  Instead, I set myself up at the dining table where there is at least basic heat.  I am going to have to tackle this in bits, I suspect, as I likely will need to get a contractor in to take a look at the heating and then, of course, finishing the floors.  I don’t even mind the cement, but the random stains that remain from its former life as a garage just add much to the charm of this decorator’s nightmare.

But back to my main point here:  I am blogging again!  My inspiration for this post came from my freezer.  Probably around the time I stopped blogging, I had candied and frozen some Meyer’s lemons and wrapped them in parchment and dropped them into the freezer and promptly tried to forget about them, but I have to move out of the way every time I dig through the freezer.  So when I asked the kids if they wanted something savory or sweet for this post and they voted sweet, I knew these lemons were the target.

I love lemons and pound cake is one of my all-time favorite desserts.  With the help of my assistant (my 10-year-old daughter), we made this version from Williams-Sonoma for Lemon Pound Cake.  We layered these candied lemons on the bottom of the pan after buttering and sugaring the pan.  After the cake had baked, they looked a whole lot more like blood oranges, which is totally possible.  Not thinking they were going in the freezer for 2 years, I hadn’t bothered to label them.  Oops.  Anyway, the cake came out beautifully. The batter was light and fluffy and my daughter suggested eating it raw rather than bothering to bake it.

I would like to thank my assistant for also taking the photos for this post. She helped set up the lights, the tripod, etc.  She was a huge help today and I am thrilled to have a partner in this endeavor.



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