Couldn’t eat more locally if I tried

Lately, I have just not felt like doing much, even though I have nothing but much to do. I am currently juggling working, 3 kids on summer vacation and a new puppy. My sister thinks I have finally lost my fucking mind. I suspect she may be right, considering how well I seem to be doing at all that juggling.

Luckily, I have a couple of areas in my life that, even though they still require effort on my part, also help ground me. My lovely garden is at its peak and with that abundance, I have been able to glean a few quick and easy meals, which save my soul on the days when I literally have my hair standing on end from all the pulling I do to it.

A couple of nights back, I had the foresight to make a tomato terrine, which was lovely and I ate far more than I should have. But it was good for me! Right? Anyway, my son helped me take some photos of our lovely meal, which I am sharing here. We had a large green salad with all of these fixings mostly from the garden: beets, purple peas, lemon cucs, avocado and grapefruit (both not from the garden), white peaches and blackberries (both from the Farmer’s Market). We also needed to thin our purple carrots, so my son cooked them up in some butter with these little garlic “pimples” that we discovered on the stems of a few of the cloves we had just pulled earlier in the day. Then, we stuffed some squash blossoms and fried them up. I only got one of those, as the kids ate them so quickly I hadn’t realized they were going so quickly until they were gone. It was a lovely, light meal!

While we were out messing around, my daughter was hiding with the puppy under the giant leaves of one of the pumpkins. We got a little carried away with our pumpkin patch this year and we are on the verge of being overrun. These photos are only 2 weeks apart. YIKES!

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