To enjoy the moment, or ruin it forever

My husband often chides me when I am trying to get a photo of something that I want to remember.  He calls it “ruining the moment so I can capture it forever.”   I was seriously offended by this statement when I first heard it (he has a knack for that), but sadly, it rings a bit too true to completely ignore.  I have been feeling an awful lot like this with my blog lately.  I am working now, so I don’t have time during the day to simply cook something and then spend the time needed to take a decent photo of it.  These days, all of my cooking is for the meal of the moment.  I literally never cook anything that isn’t going to be served as a meal.  I never have. The only difference now is that I am doing all my cooking after hours.  As I mentioned earlier, the natives get a bit too restless for me to ask them to hold while I do food styling – LOL!

But I thought that I might be able to change that this weekend.  My little clan  just returned from a 10-day vacation in Hawaii.  We returned to the cold and rain that Seattle is known for.  While I have been happy to be back home and even happy to be back to cooking in my own kitchen, I still haven’t been able to think far enough ahead to cook something for my blog.  I think that I may also be suffering from “how many times has someone blogged about this” syndrome.  I laid in bed this morning thinking about how many BBQ’ing posts I have seen this past 2 weeks.  I hate being a sheep, so I now find myself doing nothing rather than doing more of the same.  I don’t think anyone looking at me would say “Wow, now that looks like someone who is totally their own person!”  I just don’t give off that vibe. But deep down, I always take the road lest traveled.  It’s just who I am.

So for this weekend, I decided to forego the BBQ.  I have been making “homey” meals in an attempt to help my family combat the cold that seems to cut to the bone, especially in contrast to heat we just left behind.  We have had spaghetti and meatball “pearls” (leftovers were used for meatball subs), chili with cornbread, buttermilk pancakes, and roasted chicken and the like.  I have been trying to move away from making too many sweets, but I also have to deal with the nagging sweet tooth that I have.  When I discovered that marshmallows were only 100 calories a piece, I decided to make myself a batch of chocolate marshmallows from the book Marshmallow Madness with the kids.  I thought that maybe wrapping up our vacation with a little taste of summer would be a good way to go.  Sadly, we didn’t have any chocolate bars on hand (what kind of mother am I!?), so we used raspberry jam coupled with fresh berries. The kids loved them!  Me?  I personally thought the marshmallows tasted too strongly of the coffee that was used.  Next time, I will omit the coffee altogether and aim for more chocolate!  After all, that was the point.


2 thoughts on “To enjoy the moment, or ruin it forever

  1. Funny, I was just thinking that I must get the bbq organised so I can do some summer type of posts over the next while. Continue to travel your own road. It’s what makes your posting interesting and entertaining. Keep at it.

    • Thanks. I appreciate the encouragement. I feel like such a loser sometimes 🙂 We BBQ all year long, so I never feel like those are really summer posts, even though they are for most people. Sadly, the pervasive rain makes most months feel the same as any other – LOL!

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