What kind of blogger are you anyway?

Lately I have been struggling simply to get a blog post up. Being creative and inspired has been hard. Why? Well, because I am focused on other stuff right now. That’s the simple truth of the matter. This past weekend, as if Easter wasn’t enough of a distraction, we had gorgeous weather here in Seattle. It was 65-70 degrees for 3 straight days! If you have ever been to the Pacific NW, you will understand why this is awesome. We are lucky to see days like this in June, much less March. So needless to say, I have been covered in dirt for the past 3 days.

I love every minute of it though. So much so, that I have failed to do anything else. I had planned some things for Easter, but quickly abandoned the plan. Lucky for me, my family is only sort of into the whole thing anyway. As long as the Easter Bunny delivers, we can all go about our business quietly. I had planned a big ham dinner, but that just seemed wrong, given the beautiful weather. I personally feel like having fish tacos and a margarita, not yeasty rolls and scalloped potatoes. But that is just me. I am always pushing for tacos on major holidays. Even my extended family can attest to that!

Having a huge garden and orchard requires a lot of effort. Getting the season kicked off right takes work and planning, but I love all of that. I spent the past three days pulling up weeds, prepping the beds, organically spraying the trees (to hell with those damn maggot socks!), putting up dog fencing, planting flowers, removing copious amounts of lavender, and edging back the grass. Not sure what I got into, but I also have a nasty looking rash that is all blistery on my arm. But I see all of my cuts and scrapes as a badge of honor this time of year.

Not that this post will be spectacular, it certainly doesn’t make up for my hiatus, but I figured I should at least let people know I was still alive and kicking. I try to remind myself that, on average, I make 15 meals a day. That is nothing to sneeze out. So the fact that I often don’t remember to take a photo, well that is life. I happened to snap one of this little hen that I spatchcocked and threw on the BBQ one evening. It was a great way to cook the bird more quickly, but I am still a bigger fan of my rosemary-lemon chicken right from the oven.


7 thoughts on “What kind of blogger are you anyway?

  1. To answer your rhetorical question. An excellent one. It is not easy to ‘keep it flowing’. I try to get ahead of myself by a few weeks so I have time to decide on what to do and what to avoid.
    Lovely chicken btw.

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