Where’s my Mojo?

I have been feeling uninspired lately. I just can’t seem to find something that I want to blog about. I blamed a lot of it on my camera being broken, which is true, and certainly plays a big part in blogging. Not having any photos makes food blogging a bit like just bragging: All talk with nothing to show for it.

I find myself composing loads of stories in my head, but don’t share them, because I can’t possibly find a way to tie them into what I am making for dinner. For example, what does my gray hair battle have to do with this pasta dish I made? Nothing, that’s what. So I don’t write it, even though I feel the story in me.

Also, I have been trying to lose some weight. I found myself about 15-20 pounds over my ideal weight (OK, close to 20). It is clear how I got there: too much food and very little exercise. Even though we have a dog and I used to run daily, I had stopped. I hadn’t stopped my recipe pinning and gluttonous pursuits of baked goods, however. The combination lead to pudge of the middle-age degree. If we hadn’t come into an era of photocentricity, I probably would have gone the route of my parents and just accepted the spare tire as part of my passing youth. Sadly, we are not our parents. We are expected to go to the gym until we are 90 years old. We are expected to have many, if not flattering, photos of ourselves on our many social media outlets. That forces us to live as if we were some sort of super model, eating only half the M&M and telling ourselves we are full. And unfortunately, I haven’t had a flattering photo of myself taken in ages. My lack of holiday cards this year can attest to that – we couldn’t come to agreement on which photo I looked “least bad” in. Sad, but true.

And lastly, sometimes I don’t feel like making it about the food. I started this blog as a place to just put myself. All of myself. But then I started to seriously pursue the food thing and was coached into making the blog just about that. Did I ever mention that I had tried out for MasterChef Season 2? Well, I did. I did about 30 pounds of paperwork and just before the call to L.A., I was cut loose. I guess the guy who cooked roadkill was more interesting to them. Anyway, once I switched tacks AND THEN found myself back as your everyday home cook with a blog, I seemed to have lost my mojo.

So here I sit on Christmas Day, wondering if I have it in me to get up and cook a roast duck for our holiday meal. Not because we don’t need to eat, but because I am not sure it will be amazing. How sad is that? Why does every meal have to be orgasmic? Honestly, I feel like I can’t just cook and eat anymore. I bet every food blogger out there still has something from a box that they sit down to in their sweats while watching TV and are thankful that they didn’t have to cook, really cook, that day.

I guess what I am saying folks, is get ready for some blogging that likely has very little to do with farm-raised, sustainable, local, seasonal, eco-friendly anything. I just don’t know what you will get though. I might surprise us both.

S’mores Pie from Bon Appetit (http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2012/07/coffee-smores-pie)
Fresh Lobsters were cooked in honor of my nephew’s recent nuptuals – Congrats Josh and Renee!

Fresh Lobster

Fresh Lobster


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