2012 Food Blogger Cookie Swap

I have been a bit out of sorts lately with my blog. Not that I don’t think about posting all the time, I just can’t seem to get myself organized enough to do it. Not to mention that I broke my camera. Can’t tell you how much that hurts. Timing is never good for things like that. I am going to see if I can’t put in a good word with Santa – LOL!

Back in the middle of October, I got notice that the 2012 Food Blogger Cookie Swap was happening. At the time, it seemed like a good – no GREAT! – idea. Swapping 3 dozen cookies with other food bloggers. Donating to a good cause – OXO’s Cookies for Kids Cancer. What could be better?

Six weeks later, I was really doubting the sanity of my decision. The timing of it sucked. I have been tied up every weekend since the notice came in my email, which I, of course, IMMEDIATELY signed up for. Then I watched all of my time slip away. And after running from event to event, AND testing cookie recipes every chance I got, it only occurred to me while packing to leave town that I had to get my cookies in the mail BEFORE we left town. This was not a fun discovery. I have done this before: having 2 events occur on the same date without realizing it. OUCH! As Anna Quindlen said in her latest book, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, “…I had an odd affinity for labor-intensive social even at that sounded better in theory than they were in fact…”

So… like the OCD trooper that I am, I whipped together my favorite cookies with only minor adjustments to them, bought boxes, and got them in the mail. And then finished packing. I sent my favorite Better Than Hot Cocoa Cookies (this year I added cocoa nibs!) to Jennifer at Not Your Mommas Cookie, Deetz (love this name BTW!) at Cookies and Kiddos and Vicki at Wilde in the Kitchen.

All of those I was sending to are on the East Coast. I was worried about all my matches being affected by hurricane Sandy. It seemed kinda lame to be sending a box of cookies, when, if they were affected, they would likely need a whole lot more than a dozen cookies right now.

For my 3 dozen, I received cookies from Michael at Semi-Sweet Designs and Molly Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips. Michael’s cookies came individually wrapped and were so exquisite that my kids and I marveled over them while debating whether or not they were hand-made. They were that incredible. The 3 – that’s right, 3! – cookies I got from Molly were cute, but were just OK, especially on the backside of getting Michael’s. I had seen the melted snowman thing on interest dozens of times, so when we opened them, the kids were like “I just saw that on Pinterest!” My last dozen came just under the wire from Rachel at Simply Fresh Cooking. She is from Omaha and so is my husband. He is convinced that he knows her. That would be crazy if he did! Small world indeed. Anyway, she made a peanut butter cookie that everyone loved. The dog literally sat and whined at the dish with her cookies on it! Even he wanted in on the action.

Michael's Works of Art

Michael’s Works of Art

Look how closely the snowmen match!

Look how closely the snowmen match!

Molly's Melted Snowman

Molly’s Melted Snowman

Rachel's Peanut Butter Cookies

Rachel’s Peanut Butter Cookies

After all is said and done, I simply don’t like cookies enough to do this again (Shh! Don’t tell the kids!). To prevent me from signing up again next year, I am making a task in my Outlook calendar for October 2013, reminding me that I don’t like cookies. Maybe that will do the trick. But I wouldn’t bank on it. I tend to be a bit slow to get the point.


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