A Watched Pot

The old saying goes “A watched pot never boils.” Well, it turns out that an unwatched pot will actually boil dry. Sigh.

I thought that this year I would be so on top of it. I have been working on my Thanksgiving menu for a few weeks, in hopes that I would be able to avoid cooking all day. I have fantasies of reading and lounging around, while only being intermittently disturbed by my basting timer. I planned for a simple menu, with a lot of the work being done ahead of time. It was to be lovely. Relaxing even.

And then I burned a pot of turkey necks in my attempt to make stock. Don’t get me wrong. I make stock all the time. I just don’t usually try to do it while sleeping. I had this “genius” idea to start the pot on low before bed, turn it off in the morning, and then I would clean through it in the afternoon. Brilliant! Again, until the pot boiled dry. I should have known. I put the giant pot on the giant burner. You know, the one that won’t keep a consistent temp. So I awoke to what at first I thought was peanut butter. It was only 5a.m. at the time. Then at 6a.m., when the smell became more persistent, I sprung out of bed thinking the house was on fire, but realized at the last-minute that it had to be the pot. That damn burner! I then spent the rest of the day trying to rid the place of the stench. It is really hanging on. Doesn’t help that it is cold and wet out and I can’t just fling the doors open for the day.

Oh well. Such is life. Part of my distraction and deep desire to keep things easy, is that we are prepping for a couple of events: a baptism and a wedding. Not to mention Christmas is looming. I feel like I spend most of my time projecting myself into a future event, rather than being in the moment. I know that a little planning can go a long way, but sometimes unitasking is a good thing.

SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE LIKELY ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST: But thanks to my OCD and earlier canning efforts, I have at least one unique gift ready to go this year: sugar plums. Not those gross cookies that people like to push under the guise of being a holiday tradition. No. I mean REAL, honest to goodness sugar plums. These babies took me 2 weeks to make. I won’t take credit for the growing season though – LOL!

These are the things that dreams are made of. Let the holiday games begin!

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6 thoughts on “A Watched Pot

  1. I won’t freeze them or make jam. Instead, I’ll do as American colonialists did and make shrubs – a combination of fruit, vinegar and sugar. Shrubs can be used in cocktails or enjoyed splashed into plain club soda or even Diet Coke (try with cherry shrub!). The vinegar lends a tangy taste to produce and serves as a great preservative.

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