5 Year Caramel-Pear Tart

So it appears that my OCD continues to raise its ugly head. Once I came out from under the bushels of fruit and canning jars, I somehow couldn’t turn it off. The fruit was still calling to me. It was all I thought about. Or nearly so. Probably has something to do with the fact that I had to move it aside to get into the fridge, use the counter space, make dinner… You get the idea. Hard to ignore.

To top it off, I had a competing obsession running in the background for months now: REPEATABLY perfect pie crust. The key being repeatable. I have had some damn good pie crust, and just when I think I have found “the one”, it fails on me. So I had to keep finding reasons to make pie. How else could I keep testing the damn crust recipes! Seriously, not sure anybody at my house wants to see another pie anytime soon.

Anyway, I have this pie crust thing nagging at me, pulling my down like a ball and chain, and then I have this fruit thing haunting me as well. So one day, I get up and decide that the other thing that would really round this out would be to add perfecting caramel. You know, the OCD trifecta. If you are going to be OCD, be REALLY OCD. That’s my advice.

Anyway, it turned out delish. I tried to make another one, but botched the caramel. I tried to convince myself that I could put it in the oven and all would be fine. Turns out not so much. I think I may at least have a tart crust that is reliable, but who knows. May turn out that I made it on a day when all the stars aligned.

Only 20 more pies will really tell.

For those of you who care, I got this tart crust recipe from From Martha Stewart’s Living. Just so you get a sense of how long this crust thing has been going on, this was torn from a magazine that I bought in 2007. This pie crust thing is a serious matter. BTW, to really help matters along, I didn’t refrigerate mine. Just pressed it straight into the tart pan. Maybe this is why my crust never turns out. Hmmm…

Caramel-Pear Tart


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