My “Sparkle Addict”

I am blessed to be the mother of the most delightful little person I have ever met. She is one of the lights of my life – and definitely the most bedazzled of them. She is everything that I want to be: Funny, smart, courageous, beautiful and talented. She excels where I fall short. She never ceases to amaze me.

One day, she says to me “I am a sparkle addict.” No truer words were ever spoken. She is the person who has something beautiful on at all times. Just this morning she came out to weed with me in a crushed red velvet dress. Naturally I had her change, but I loved that she felt she was appropriately dressed. While I usually look like a slob, especially for those kinds of tasks, she looks like she is off to the ball. Like this picture here of kindergarten graduation. She had the most colorful hat in the room!

Graduation Hat

She loves to pick beautiful flowers and my house always has a fresh bouquet. She paints rocks and pine cones and decorates throughout the house. She recently painted some rocks with my sister and placed them carefully throughout the garden so that they looked like Easter eggs. She has style!

Posing with Flowers

One evening not to long ago, I was lying in bed with her older brothers reading before bed. My oldest made a comment about how nice Bailey always looks and then turned to me and said, “You really should take some tips from her.” Ouch, but oh so true! So last night when we had some people over for dinner, I let her help me dress. I had on far more jewelry than I have in years! I did draw the line however, when she had picked out a patterned skirt that was mostly orange and topped it with a fuchsia top that had sequins on it. I am not quite ready to take it to that level – LOL!

She really is the most gorgeous person I know – inside and out.

Happy 6th birthday Bailey Rose!

Curls and Painted Nails


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