Diet and exercise really do work!

Well, for the dog that is.

You see, when my sister, Tracey, so thoughtfully offered to take all 3 of my kids for a whopping 11 days, we jumped at the chance to have some kid-free time. During this blissful period, my spouse and I thought (stupidly perhaps) that we would get back to living a bit like we did before we had kids. You see, we haven’t had more than a few days away together – sans enfants – for 12 years. And usually those weekend get-aways were about sleeping, eating and drinking wine – somewhere besides home that is. To have the house to ourself was so weird.

We conjured up this plan to cook lighter meals (things that the kids would have whined about) and exercise together (something that literally hasn’t happened since our first was born 12 years ago). The plan started off great. We were getting up early each day and going for a run with the dog. I discovered quickly that I am woefully out of shape. Tom at least runs 3 times a week. It was clear I was dragging him down, but he didn’t complain. I like that about him. The running part of the plan lasted about 6 days.

We also decided to juice for 2 meals a day. I saw a blog post where this woman lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks doing this, so I was all over it! It was great actually. I know that I felt better, but I honestly hate the act of juicing though. I have an older juicer that I inherited from my Aunt Rose. It works great most of the time, but when it doesn’t, man it doesn’t. It wants to spin itself all over the counter, spewing juice everywhere. Fun times. So anyway, we were juicing twice a day and usually eating out at night, since I was coming into town to pick him up after work. It was really enjoyable. Then we would go home and drink wine and read and watch non-SpongeBob related TV. It was the life!

Then I splurged and bought a scale. I have never owned one before. I always figured the tightness of my jeans was enough of an indicator of my weight fluctuating. Then I noticed one day that I had the proverbial muffin top. Turns out that fat that can’t fit into said jeans just blooms over the top. Gorgeous. Anyway, so after 2 weeks of living on juice for 2 meals a day, I hadn’t lost a pound.

The dog, however, had lost 4 pounds. He had to go to the vet during this period so I know for a fact he lost weight. For him, he was getting extra exercise on top of his dog park outings. He was also not being fed table scraps for 2 weeks. For him, the plan worked beautifully. For me, not so much.

I am not kidding myself here: I know that I needed more exercise and less wine. While I didn’t turn into a hottie while the kids were away, I did enjoy myself immensely. If we can convince my sister to open Camp Tracey every summer, we will be in business! And maybe on one of those visits I will exercise and eat right. Just maybe.


7 thoughts on “Diet and exercise really do work!

  1. We’ve exercised together before since the children have been born! But sadly, that’s all I can say in defense of that, as the numbers are low enough to say you were close with “hasn’t happened”.

    And a hottie is hot, BTW…

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