My own brand of OCD

I fully believed that if I developed OCD that I would load up my minivan (Don’t judge me, I am a mother of 3 with a dog!) with the mower and edger and drive around town cutting people’s lawns. It drives me nuts this time of year when I see one house with grass about 2 feet tall while all the neighbors’ yards look beautiful. It seemed natural that if I lost my mind, mowing would be the top of my to-do list.

Turns out though, I have already lost my mind and gone completely OCD for canning. This is not news to those who know me. I have been canning every summer for about 10 years now. I simply assumed that the copious amounts of things that I stuck into jars was because I canned with my sister. You know, we were splitting it. Or that I was using them as gifts at Christmas. But then when I was all alone, I was even nuttier. I literally put up 62 pints of Cooper’s Pickles. This doesn’t even include the mustard pickles I made for myself or the creamsicle jam. I also canned spicy catsup and habanero salsa. I loved every minute of it, but what a nut!

Then to top it off, I have a list of things that I still plan on canning. How OCD is that!? Is an intervention in order or should everyone just shut up and eat?

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6 thoughts on “My own brand of OCD

  1. Very mild OCD for sure. I know a guy who will not walk on cracks in the pavement (sidewalk), places newspaper on any chair before he sits down and wipes his hands with a cloth after shaking hands with anybody. Keep canning. Just watch out for the other signs.

    PS: Send some of the canned goods over to me in Ireland.

    • Sadly, we all seem to know people like that these days. They have a whole TV show about it so you can watch the torture weekly, from the comfort of your own home.

      Be careful what you ask for. You may end up with some jam in the post.

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