Mapo Pork and Tofu {Recipe Review}

Last week I decided to try out some of the recipes that I have been stockpiling in my “to try” folder. I get several foodie mags, so this folder can get pretty fat if I don’t work through it once in a while.

I am a spicy girl. I LOVE me some heat. When I saw a recipe for Mapo Tofu that included pork, I figured it was my only chance to get the family to try one of my favorite Chinese dishes. This recipe was from Bon Appetit. I didn’t have, nor did I have time to go get, Sichuan Peppercorns, so I subd habanero chile powder instead. Luckily for me, however, I didn’t use a 1:1 ratio in my swap. I likely would be dead right now. I used 1 tsp. and that alone was smokin’! When I was heating the spices up, it felt like I had been sprayed with pepper spray. My son and I coughed and coughed. It would have been laughable if it weren’t so sucky.

On the plus side, the pork and juices cooked up into the most marvelous gravy-like sauce and then the tofu was added at end and it all came together so beautifully. But I won’t lie to you: It was HOT! I was glad that I had made rice and had a veggie and mangos to serve with it. It really needed something to help cut the heat.

While I would be happy to eat this again, it likely won’t become a family staple. The kids wouldn’t stand for it!


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