Abundance: What to do with too many Herbs {VIDEO}

I had a couple of people ask me what would I do with extra herbs. I quickly spouted off a couple of things just to answer, but later realized that my answer was incomplete at best. I have created a short video showing you a couple of things you can do. I have also thoughtfully (LOL!) created a list of ideas for you below.

And here is a timely post on the parsley sauce I mention in the video. Guess I should give it a go now that I have mentioned it twice.

Parsley Sauce from Panacae.


  • Vinaigrette
  • Chop them up and add them to salads
  • Add them to sautéed veggies
  • Make a compound butter
  • Dry them in a low oven and freeze them in a freezer bag. Refill your spice jars as needed
  • Grate/chop them and store with oil in a jar
  • Buy herbs with a root base that you can keep alive and only use as you need them
  • Blended with a dash of oil and freeze in an ice cube tray. This creates cubes that are about 1 Tablespoon worth. I popped my out and into a freezer bag to be used in recipes at a later date
  • Add them to a simple syrup to make the base for home-made sodas. Or better yet, cocktails!
  • Make them into a jam. I used my rosemary-thyme jam with a pork loin on the BBQ – Delish!!
  • Look for recipes that use similar herbs. For example, Thai curry and pesto will both use basil
  • Get creative! What application could you come up with that would use up the herbs before they go bad?
  • Start your own herb garden and just cut what you need!

If you would like recipes or more ideas for what I have mentioned here, just let me know.


5 thoughts on “Abundance: What to do with too many Herbs {VIDEO}

  1. In the business, we shoot video professionally. I know what it takes to string a good presentation together. Brilliant performance. Great tips too.

    • LOL! I have become my own cameraman so to have any video that is even remotely together is shocking, to say the least. My last one was done by me and my boys and you could hear the dog in the background and I had to reply to the kids a couple of times. Very funny stuff!!

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  2. This was really informative – thank you! I currently have two huge bunches of parsley from my CSA and now I’ve got some direction on what to do with all of it.

    • Great! I love parsley in salads and in compound butters. You should check out Chef Seamus Mullen. He has arthritus (sp?) and parsely is one of his key fighters against inflamation. I know Goop.com had featured him and some recipes recently.

      I made a green smoothie with parsley and kale and berries that wasn’t too shabby. Downside was that I had a bunch of green stuff in my teeth when I was done – LOL!

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