Japanese at Home

One of the things that my kids like the most is Japanese food. Strange probably, but true. I am fortunate enough to have kids with good palates. But that comes with a price. Literally.

They are constantly begging me to take them out for sushi. They don’t really eat the sushi other than the California roll, but they use that term for all things Japanese. Like the use of the word Kleenex for all tissue-like substances.

Since we are on a SERIOUS budget these days, I refuse to even discuss the matter. However, after driving past their favorite Japanese restaurant one day, my middle child said, “I wish we could make our own Wabi Sabi (name of said restaurant) food.” To which I exclaimed “We can!”

So we then embarked on making the meal of our dreams. I have made gyoza many times and I also make miso soup pretty regularly, so those were of no concern to me. But the sushi? That was another matter. I figured that is why we paid the big bucks to eat at the sushi restaurant. Sushi making was like being a neurosurgeon or something.

Luckily for us, it wasn’t. Once we got the details down, we managed to make several overly-large, yet delicious, rolls. It was like manna from heaven. Now I can put their whining to rest.

At least about the sushi 🙂

This is the recipe that we used: California Roll, sort of. Did I mention that I have a bit of a hard time following the rules?

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