Eating Spring

I love this time of year. I love going to the market and seeing all the wonderful veggies and fruits. After a long winter of apples/oranges/bananas (yes, I know they aren’t local!), I am ready to dig into some berries and melons. When I saw this asparagus, I just had to get it! I literally dream about asparagus with a poached egg. Sad, but true.

I still have a TON of chard in the garden and have been working it into at least one meal a week. In this meal, I featured it as a salad. My chickpeas were soaked overnight (no canned peas here!) and then cooked until tender. I sautéed some garlic in olive oil and then added 4 cups of home-made stock to the sauce pan. I dumped in my noodles and cooked until al dente. Served with a handful of chopped parsley and a good shaving of parm. This was delish!


6 thoughts on “Eating Spring

  1. This does sound delish. I just found your site and am happy that I did. Dont’ you just love those garbanzos and with pasta. Just made asparagus last night. Pinning this.

    • Thanks! I love the peas and the asparagus. I am mostly (mostly!) a healthy eater so I use them a lot. I just love when all the seasonal produce improves. My kids would eat a bundle each of the grilled asparagus given the chance.

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