Pork Tamales

In trying to keep eating at home interesting, I made another pass through my to-try recipe folder. I am always clipping from the “too many” food-oriented magazines I get. Sometimes I clip a ton and sometimes nothing seems to grab me. I should probably pay more attention to when I am reading them. Might have something to do with being hungry. I notice that I seem to get on Pinterest at about 4:30 most days and by the time I go start dinner, I practically want to pass out. Not to mention that I start to pin nearly all the chocolate things I see! Probably the same issue with my recipe clipping. Anyway…

Tamales are something that I typically order when I go to a traditional Mexican restaurant. Either that or the rellenos, or both if I get a combo plate. Don’t judge me! I love them both so it is sometimes hard to choose between them. I figured, why not make them for myself so that I can control the ingredients and portions? Seemed logical. Besides, I like to be able to try out techniques that I may not have used in other forms of cooking.

Tamales weren’t particularly technical, or even hard for that matter, but they had so many steps that I had underestimated how long I needed and we ended up having what I term “a European dinner” – i.e. we ate late. The kids were thrilled with the little packages, but then quickly baffled by what to do with them. I spent a good 10 minutes unwrapping tamales and disposing of husks before I got to sit down and eat.

In the end, I would defintely make them again. I have to. I have a huge bag of masa and a nearly full bag of husks! The gang will be having them again whether they liked them or not – LOL! Thank goodness that they actually did like them. I think I may also tackle making these pineapple ones my sister told me about. I am a sucker for the sweets 🙂

The recipe I used can be found in the current issue of Edible Seattle. Served them up with a pan of roasted veggies: kale, Brussels Sprouts, red cabbage and carrots. The kids absolutely loved the kale chips (they dried up that way, not my original intention). They were actually asking for more. I wished I had made more of it!

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8 thoughts on “Pork Tamales

  1. The reason they don’t taste enthautic is because you are using beef and pork together. Typically, enthautic tamales are made solely with pork butt (pork shoulder). As for the tacos and enchiladas anything goes.

  2. It all sounds very good. Isn’t it great when something that is one of your favorites turns out to be your families favorite to. The Kale chips sound great.

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