A Triffle a Trifle

Not as catchy as a tisket a tasket, but I still like it. If you know me, you know that I have a bizarre tendency to make up rhyming words. I think I was inordinately influenced by Dr. Seuss.

Lately I have been trying to come up with new things to make with the seasonal fruits we have available this time of year. Even though I am missing the bounty of the summer, we get some of the best citrus this time of year. I love grapefruit and mandarins, but my favorites are the blood oranges and Meyer’s lemons. Once I discovered them, I feel like I was ripped off all those years I didn’t know about them. I guess that is “glass half full” thinking, but true.

I get loads of magazines it seems and most, if not all, are about food in some way. I came across a recipe in the Food Network Magazine for a blood orange trifle. I have always loved the idea of a trifle, but lacked the giant bowl in which to make one. Fortunately for me, they work just as well in little jars.

While the family readily ate them, the 2 extra took several days to disappear, which leads me to believe they weren’t awesome, just merely good.

I still may give this another go with a twist of my own. We’ll see. But not this week, as it is National Procrastination Week (NPW)*! YEAH for me!

*Please note that this was supposed to be posted on the 7th, but I forgot. Besides, it was NPW so it made sense to put it off 🙂

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