What better way to celebrate Leap Day?

Nothing says Leap Day like homemade pop tarts. OK, that is a bit of a stretch, but I honestly have been sick for weeks now and that is the best I could come up with. If I hadn’t been doped up on cough syrup for the past 4 weeks, I might have gotten pithy and made frog legs or something. You know, LEAP-y stuff. Besides, if I can find an excuse to make something sweet, I will take it!

We made these with a sweet short crust recipe from Fried Chicken and Champagne by Lisa Dupar, who is becoming a local celebrity chef in her own right. She makes hers with cherries, but we didn’t bother to follow the recipe that far. My Little Lady was helping me cook, so we had to make a few with heart cut-outs. I used my own Black Jam made with blackberries and black cherries. I think in my rush to eat them, I didn’t take enough time to get them as thin as I should have. Sadly, we also ate them so quickly that I didn’t have any final photos. Oh well, such is life. Better to have full tummy than a photo 🙂

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