Honeyed Jamalade by Local Kitchen

I love jam and I think that I may be in love with Kaela.

Jamalade, you say? Yes. Jamalade. Not quite a jam: toothsome slivers of citrus zest and a touch of pithy bitterness from the addition of citrus pectin make this flavorful preserve reminiscent of marmalade. Yet not quite a marmalade either: the majority of the white pith is left out of this recipe, and the fruit is strained from the syrup and added only at the end of the cooking process, yielding visible chunks of ruby red grapefruit in the final product, and a sweetness that is nicely balanced, but not overwhelmed, by the milder bitter flavor. Jamalade: a kinder, gentler marmalade.

Funny thing is, when I developed the guajillo marm, I made it with me in mind: big, bold, bitter, spicy, smack-me-in-the-face-and-call-me-Sally marmalade. It fits the profile of how I like my sweets: as a surprising and balancing counterpoint to spicy, bitter, smoky or salty. When I was working on this…

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One thought on “Honeyed Jamalade by Local Kitchen

  1. Hey- from a ceonfssed jelly making fool, I am so impressed and thrilled to see such great entries. I love jam swaps! I will have to keep checking in for next year’s. Cheers!

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