I can do that. I think.

My lame attempt at duplication

I am a big reader of other food blogs. I love to see what people are cooking, but equally as important, I go for the photos. I have mentioned this before, I know, but I am a sucker for a great picture of food. Photos that make you want to eat are exciting to me. I have made it my mission to be able to take those kinds of photos.

Last Friday, I decided to go buy the ingredients to make a copy of this dish photographed by James Ransom on Great Food Photos. It wasn’t off to a great start in that I couldn’t find sprouts to save my life. I thought, “Oh well, I am used to winging it. Just make it look as close as you can.” I tried my best, I really did, but I just couldn’t duplicate the lighting. For once, we had a sunny day in Seattle, but it figures that it would not be optimal for my photography. So in attempt to get out of the glaring light, I found myself struggling with shadows. The one you see 2nd from the top is literally the best one I managed to take that day. The best I could say about it was that the salad was delish!

Luckily for me though, I was given a food styling class for Christmas by my spouse (thanks boyfriend!). The Pantry at Delancy offers a huge selection of classes and I spotted this one back in November, so he signed me right up. It was an awesome class!! By the time I left there, I felt far more confident with my camera and lighting solutions than I ever have. I have been working my way through a manual of sorts specifically for my camera, but even so, I had just finally managed to get away from using the pre-programmed settings they offer, when I took this class. By the end of it though, I was using my manual settings and snapping away like a pro! I certainly hope that my photos going forward are far more appealing than a lot of what I have put up in the past (including the one here!).

This class was also refreshing in that it was nice to hear that a lot of other bloggers struggle with the same things I do: trying to cook and photograph, trying to photograph while the family is banging the table for their meal (I exaggerate, but you get the idea), taking photos only in the evening and having to rely on flash or tungsten lights. I felt like I was among friends. Compatriots of sorts. It was a great day!

Thank you Ashley and Gabe of Not Without Salt. I hope that I can someday look back and thank you for putting me on the road to fame.


5 thoughts on “I can do that. I think.

    • You bet! I am working on my editing right now. I may post a few of the photos just so you can see them. I was so proud of myself to have used my manual settings and then to actually have good photos to boot! Thank you again!

      BTW, if you ever want to swap props, let me know. I know that it would be nice to have a fresh batch of things to work with, without having to find more space 🙂

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