Fasting? What the…?!

I have been reading lots of posts about resolutions. A lot of them include fasting as part of starting the New Year off right, or at least making penance for the holidays. I must admit, I have never considered fasting for even a minute. I am not saying I shouldn’t have. I am as gluttonous, if not more so!, than the next guy, but the idea of missing a meal has never entered my mind.

As a child, I would wake up with only one thought on my mind: what were we having for dinner that day? It was important to me to know this. My whole day culminated around this meal. I had to plan. I had to prepare. The proper mindset was key to my dinner bliss. Much to my mother’s (and later, everyone I ever lived with) chagrin.

So when I see people talking about juice fasts or just plain ol’ starvation, I am baffled. If I wasn’t living to eat, what on earth would I be thinking about all day?! Honestly, I don’t think I need that much self-reflection. Do I?

Anyway, I am not starving. I have, however, been thinking about a better way to approach my blog. As it is right now, I cook dinner at home nearly every night. I make baked goods of some sort AT LEAST once a week. I am CONSTANTLY looking for new things to try, like sausage making. But I suspect the average reader (Hi Mom!) doesn’t really know all of this. Why? Because I can’t find the time to blog about all of it.

I am currently homeschooling my middle child until the next school year (long story), plus running the other 2 to and from school, not to mention all the other duties required to run a home. It has been hard to capture what I have been cooking. It is a huge challenge to cook a meal and then ask everyone to sit for a good 10+ minutes (I am being generous here) while I take a few photos. Then there is what they call “food styling.” And then there is editing. And blogging. And more editing. It is a huge surprise that I ever got anything posted as it is!

Now I am toying with doing 2 blog posts a week. One that is more like what I have always done, and one that is “meatier”. Maybe this meatier one has more and better photography. Maybe it has more components to the dish/meal. Maybe it will have video. Maybe, just maybe. I have been promising myself that I would add video to my blog for a year now. I guess I better put my money where my mouth is, huh? My oldest sister thinks that it would be awesome to have me cooking while the kids do what they do in the background while I attempt to demonstrate something. Then, when I get committed, we will have full documentation of the exact moment I lost my mind.

Here is to a “blog fast” of sorts.


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