Half Baked Cookie Sandwiches: The name alone makes them great!

When I saw a post for a cookie sandwich that billed itself as “half baked” I knew that I had to try it. Fate would not allow me to overlook it. Sure, just a week ago I had proclaimed that I was “on a diet”, but what is a girl to do?

When I stumbled upon these back in December on Food Gawker, I had bookmarked them thinking I would make them over the holiday break. My oldest son is a cookie dough fiend. He would eat an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies raw, if given the chance. When I followed the link to Heat Oven to 350, they looked even better than the snippet I had seen. Hers look better and seem deeper in color, but it is hard to tell if that is all editing or not. I was also intrigued by the use of flour in the filling. I honestly didn’t follow it exactly (Did I mention that I have problems taking direction??) and only used a cup of flour in mine and made a much smaller batch using only a small jar of marshmallow crème. The cookie itself reminds me of these soft cookies I used to buy from a vending machine at work when I was in college, but better because they didn’t have that cheap coconut flavor to them.

Anyway, these were a big hit and I would make them again.

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