One of my resolutions this year was to give up my addiction to Starbucks. Not the tea, mind you, but my daily trips to get a venti iced tea that have been costing me what I now believe to be millions of dollars over the years. I hope that I am exagerating, but I may not be far off. I probably could have bought a car with all the cash I have dropped there. Unfortunately, with my addiction also came a peripheral issue: the kids were used to getting things there as well. Turns out that they were missing bagels and lemonade (keep in mind that we had only given up Starbucks for about 3 days at this point). So we took it upon ourselves to make our own and stay at home to enjoy them.

It was great timing when this recipe from On Sugar Mountain came across my inbox on my Foodbuzz account. It looked easy enough and other than needing to sit overnight, it didn’t really take much time. We decided to try to replicate Starbucks’ everything bagel. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have “everything” so we went with cheddar cheese and toasted sesame seeds. I like the spice so I added thinly sliced jalapenos instead of seeds. They were AWESOME! I ate the two I made before my husband even knew that they were made – LOL! We were so impressed with our work that we headed to the store to get everything we needed to make bagels and lox for dinner. We even made lemonade to go with it. It was delicious and the kids were so proud of their work.

The kids and I just made a double batch to cook up tomorrow. We are doing pretty darn well on our resolutions so far, if I say so myself.

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