2012: What does that mean for me?

Last night, as my family sat down to a seafood dinner of clams, scallops and oysters (remember, we had eaten our previously planned meal the day before), we discussed resolutions for 2012. First off, we had to explain what that meant. Second, we had to come up with a list of things that we could tackle as a family. Lastly, we each made individual goals. It was a lot of fun!

Here is what we basically came up with:

  • Family Goals:
    • Save Money: We want to take a trip to Hawaii this year. We figure that if we stop spending money on ANYTHING that wasn’t considered a necessity we could make it happen. This means that my oldest has to STOP asking to go have sushi every week and for my youngest to STOP asking to eat at this expensive “haute cuisine” pizza spot and for my middle child to STOP asking to go to Target every other day. I also agreed to stop going to Starbucks every day. This is a serious addicition for me and I would be happy to shake it. It is so bad that I was actually sent a gold membership card free of charge with my name and “member since 2006” on it. SAD!
    • Eat Better: This is a family goal, but mostly geared toward my spouse and I loosing some extra pounds (the above photo is along the lines of what I hope to see more of). Being home cooking all the time has a serious downside when you are not also getting a lot of exercise. I toyed with maybe just cooking sweets one day a week like “Sweet-tooth Tuesdays” or something, but even that seems like it might be too often to really help us lose weight. With this goal, I am also hoping to do a better job eating breakfast (the family does, but I rarely do). And lastly, I am hoping to dial back the dairy. I really suffer when we eat too much of it and lately it has been clear to me that we are at a saturation point. I gotta do something about it.
    • Exercise More: This is one that we all agreed needed to happen. The boys used to take tae kwon do, but neither of them is insterested in continuing past their blue belts. My oldest just bought a pull-up bar and now all the kids spend time throughout the day seeing if they can do more than they had the day before. Now, if only I could actually pull myself up, we would be in business! I plan to do yoga with my little princess a couple times a week. She is a natural and I love doing it with her because she doesn’t complain like her brother does. Since the weather has been good, we plan to walk the dog more and go to the part more often. Should be good fun and good for us!
  • Personal Goals: These ranged from finally building the robot my son bought all the stuff for last Christmas, to figuring out if I am going to make some major changes to my blog this year.

For anyone who is interested, this was the most popular blog post of mine for 2011: Whose Kids are These Anyway? This won’t be on the diet for this year, I am afraid.

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “2012: What does that mean for me?

  1. *GASP* Giving up Starbucks? wha?? In all seriousness, I am proud of you to make that commitment in order to help provide a trip to Hawaii as a family! that’s awesome! You inspire me!


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