I know I am not alone when I say that I am knee deep in the sugar quagmire that is the holidays. So why do I continue to bake the sweets? What kind of gluttony is this?

Sadly, when I am home (which is nearly all the time), I feel the need to make/bake something. This particular something was prompted by trying to find a non-savory way to use up some mango-mango chutney that I made. I made this mango-mango chutney with some of the Sweet Orange-Mango BBQ sauce from Kolander Grubb’s. The chutney was full of raisins, nuts and mangos, and had just enough spice to offset the sweetness of it. I had also recently been playing with recipes that used jams. I had to! I have been hoarding jam, remember?!

Anyway, I thought this quick cookie would be an ideal way to use this spicy chutney in a sweet way. I took this classic cookie (I think this may have originally been created by Betty Crocker), Split Seconds, and added a little twist to it. I added a teaspoon of cardamom to one batch and a teaspoon of allspice to another batch. Both turned out well, but I liked the allspice one best. I also added some toasted sesame seeds to a few and some toasted coconut to others. I liked all versions, but my spouse thought they were best plain. I love him for that!

I promise, next week I will eat a salad. I swear!

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