Last week I tackled making Divinity. I scrambled to get photos of my candy and the blog post up just before running off to start school pick-up. By the time I got home, my drops had fallen into sticky little puddles. I had suspected that they would as they were morphing before my eyes while I was shooting, but I didn’t have the time to stop and think about it just then. After coming home and poking one with my finger, only to discover that I couldn’t pull it free, my oldest son starting referring to them “Snowman Poo.” I simply had to laugh.

My attempt to make divinity for my mom that wasn’t like the ones we had as kids, turned out just like the ones we had as kids: Only this time, rather than using a spoon to eat it from the pan, you could pick up the sticky stuff in neatly packaged individual servings. How nice!

Lucky for me, my sister came to the rescue and allowed me a do-over. We read through the Christmas Divinity recipe by Paula Deen that I used. We then called her husband and asked him to read to us the version in her Betty Crocker Cookbook. Looks like Paula failed to mention a couple of things. First off, you have to get the candy up to 260 degrees, not 250. Then, once you add it to the egg whites, it has to mix for a lot longer than 5 minutes. The key isn’t the time, but the texture. The mixture should be much cooler and also should start to loose some of its’ sheen.

In the end, the snowman poo was still tasty. I tossed all but a handful of them into the compost bin (I have never seen worms jacked up on sugar, but this is likely to do it!). I plan to (and have!) use them as “marshmallow toppers” for hot cocoa. The other, more divine, divinity will be given to my mother.

I just couldn’t give her snowman poo 🙂

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