In my post on September 9th (Pear Chutney, Meet Pork Roast), I made reference to my attempt at making a video. IT. WAS. TERRIBLE. My food was falling apart. I kept losing focus because I had to run back and forth to the camera. And I would forget what I had already said and then stammer like a fool. It was SOOOOO bad! In the end, I just stopped recording and finished cooking the food. I was shaking my head at what a colossal failure this had been.

Then I thought, why not try to salvage what you can and at least spoof yourself. Least you could do is laugh about it. But then I ran into “technical difficulties” – I literally couldn’t get the video off the camera onto my laptop for editing. It was RIDICULOUS! So I think to myself, “I can do this. I am a smart person.” and then proceed to spend 2 weeks trying every angle I can think of. I spend so much time Googling how to do this that I don’t get ANYTHING else finished. Then I throw in the towel and call the 800 number. After several days of calling the manufacturer, they inform me that they honestly think it is the USB cable. Really? OK… So I am now awaiting my replacement cable. But the worst of it is, during this whole thing, all of my video seems to have gone missing. My camera no longer even shows that I have any of the recordings that I had made. Most of this wouldn’t hurt my feelings, seeing as how most of it was the garbage I had made of myself cooking. But I am also missing the first video that we took last Christmas. That part really bums me out. I guess, though, after having been burglarized this last spring, I am learning that you have to simply let go of all things, no matter how meaningful they may seem.

In the end, this is the only video that I had on there: Crazy.

I ran into this first video attempt by a fellow blogger Kitchen Konfidence just this weekend. While not great, it was certainly leaps and bounds better than my first video. Kudos to Brandon for pulling this off. I like Brandon’s photography, so his is a site that I visit often. Maybe he and I can trade some video tips – LOL!

Let’s all hope I can figure this out and have more to share with you in the future. You know, something that might actually be useful.

Hope you get a laugh out of it.


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