If you remember, back in June I made some duck confit with the intent of putting it up for use in the fall. Sadly, that first batch was consumed during a “test” I had done with it just to see how it turned out. Anyway, I made another batch and this one managed to make it this far.

One of my favorite fall dishes is the French Cassoulet. This is basically a meat-packed bean casserole. We had invited a friend over for dinner that night and I decided that breaking out the confit would be a cozy way to spend a rainy fall evening amoung friends. The first thing I said to him was “I hope you aren’t on the verge of vegetarianism, because tonight is a meat-fest!” This thing had 2 kinds of sausages, the duck confit, lamb shoulder and slab bacon (they asked for pork belly or a ham hock, but this is what I went with). Thank God it had beans in it or my stomach would likely have seized up by now! I used the River Cottage Meat Book version, since I had used their confit recipe to start with.

My friend had brought a a beautiful bottle of red wine and we had a cheese plate to start off. It was a wonderful, filling meal. It made so much that I sent him home with a container that probably will last him for months if he portioned it out and froze some of it. The bean base also made more than I coudl fit into my pot, so I had a bunch of that leftover that I made into a white bean soup. Also delish!

Tomato and White Bean Base

Garlic and Andouille Sausages

Duck Confit, Lamb Shoulder & Slab Bacon

Cassoulet Briming with Goodness


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