After the onslaught of apples and pears, I thought I was out of the woods, or at least out of the kitchen for a while, but no such luck. Burried under some lovely leaves, were 20 pounds of Interlaken grapes. Twenty pounds doesn’t sound like much, but it is surprisingly a lot. As you can see in my first photo below, just 3 pounds is an enormous heap! Sadly, this three pounds made only 2 small jars of jelly. It was downright depressing. But did that stop me? No! I made 6 whole jars of jelly that took me several days to make. The process of making jelly is mostly about waiting for the juices to slowly drip from the jelly bag. It is so… very… slow…

Anyway, I think I am done with jams and jellies for the time being – unless there is something out there to be canned that I have overlooked??

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3 Pounds of Grapes

Freshly Picked Grapes

White Grape Jelly


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