Pate de Fruit

I am a sucker for French foods. I am a sucker for berries. I am a super-sucker when you combine the 2! I introduce to you: Blackberry-Tarragon Pate de Fruit. Pate de Fruit, as I explained it to my kids, is the original gummy fruits. The French have been making these for centuries. While far softer than the hideous animal shapes you can buy prebagged in grocery stores, these are also far more delicious (e.g. addictive!). My sister hates tarragon, but I thought these went nicely together, even though they are so dark you can’t really see it in there. The kids gobbled them up; maybe because they couldn’t see the green bits floating in there – LOL! I had to remind them that they were still considered candies.

As I mentioned in my post on September 3rd, I was planning to make Pate de Fruit the next day. I finally got around to it just today. I spent so much time wrestling apples and pears that I had to put this smaller project on hold. I also wanted to do a little more research to see how long these would hold up. I had in mind to make some of these now for the holidays, but from the looks of it, they will last 2 months at most in the fridge. I may make a go at making the pulp now and freezing it so that I can make these again come December.

I saw this post in August that was the inspiration for doing these to begin with, mostly because I had so much tarragon to deal with. Then, once the fruits came on, I decided to get serious about it. Unfortunately, I believed her when she said these were easy. Honestly, I guess they were when you get down to it, but MAN were they time consuming. I thought this would be a quick little throw-together, but not so much.

In the end, they turned out beautifully. Spoiler alert: Look for these in my holiday baskets this year. Don’t expect me to tie them up in little bunches though. That is just too over the top 🙂


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