Last week was probably the last time I thought about something other than fruit. My life these days is all about the fruit and what canning I need to do that day. I literally spent 9.5 hours on my feet on Saturday standing in the kitchen canning. At the end of it all, I had 3 different batches of things put up, but it still felt somehow deficient. After all that work, the few dozen gleaming jars didn’t seem to do justice to the peeling skin on my hands and my swollen feet. I was SO tired!

Anyway, prior to the 2011 Fruitfest, I had actually made some real food. I had gotten my issue of Bon Appetit and there were some pretty yummy looking recipes in there. I made the NOLA Breakfast for dinner one night. It turned out really well and was super tasty! I had leftover grits that I used over the next couple of days with more eggs for breakfast. It was a hit!

NOLA-Style breakfast: polenta, prawns and eggs

The side salad also came from BA, sort of. I bought some lovely heirloom tomatoes and combined them with a handful from the yard, plus an avocado, and dressed them with Anchovy and Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette. The kids aren’t fans of tomatoes anyway, so I didn’t worry about them when making this. I had plenty of dressing left that I have also been using that on many different things. Just yesterday, I dipped my lovely radish (from the garden!) sandwich into it. It was DELISH!

Tomato Salad

I hope that I will find the time and energy to make some real food soon. Otherwise, we are on the fast track to PB&J hell. The upside, it will be ALL homemade jam 🙂


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