As Bob Marley said:

We’re jammin’:
I wanna jam it wid you.
We’re jammin’, jammin’,
And I hope you like jammin’, too.

I am sure it had a deeper meaning than I am applying it here, but you get the point. The point being, right now I have a WHOLE lot of fruit and I have to find a way to keep it from rotting under my nose. The blackberries are typically a little earlier (late July/August) than they are this year, so unfortunately (Or is this fortituous? Hmmm…) they have coincided with the apples and pears that are coming on as well. I am now spinning my wheels trying to get it all put up, and in interesting ways, at that. In the next photo, you can see what I picked just yesterday. This forced me to get an early jump on things today, just so I would have time to do the other things I needed to get done. Before 10a.m. I brined some grape leaves and made a cilantro sauce-ish thing so that I could freeze it up for later. It is going to be a crazy couple of weeks!

Friday's Harvest

This week I have made, among SO MANY other things, Blackberry-Tarragon Jelly and what I am calling “Black” (pictured at the top), which is a conserve made from black cherries and blackberries. This tasted HEAVENLY while making it and I can’t wait to dig into it. I will report back how I apply this. Tomorrow I am making pate de fruit (likely with tarragon again – can you tell I have a lot of that planted as well?) and blackberry-apple cheese. That’s what it is called because of the texture. It reminds me of the quince paste I have purchased in the past. For now, I will share with you my recipe for the jelly.


Blackberry-Tarragon Jam

1 pound blackberries, cleaned
1 1/4 c sugar
1 large bunch tarragon
zest and juice of one lemon

Slowly bring to a boil and reduce heat, but keep at a rapid boil for 20 minutes. Test set by dropping a spoonful onto a chilled plate. Place into clean, sterilized jars. Process in hot water bath for 20 minutes. Leave to sit overnight. Check that tops have locked. Label and store in cool, dry place.

Cilantro "Sauce" packed into an icecube tray for freezing



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