It is May, finally. I keep thinking this means Spring, but so far, the only real signs are the longer days. Living in Seattle means we get a lot of daylight this time of year. Right now the sun comes up around 5:30am and goes down sometime after 9pm. This will only get better (or worse, depending on your perspective, since this means the birds get into the action before the actual crack of dawn). By the end of June, we can see the sun from about 3:30am until 10:30pm. This is a lot of light. Makes it hard to get the kids to bed, I must admit.

But with all this light comes gardening. I LOVE GARDENING. I am serious about this. I love my compost. I love my dark rich soil. I love all the seeds and plants and back-breaking labor that goes into it. I took advantage of the one sunny day we had last weekend and got the rest of my seeds in. By the end of the day I could barely stand up straight. It was worth it though. It is supposed to rain for the next 10 days. This is good for my seeds, but a little hard on the morale.

Another one of the highlights of this past weekend was the arrival of our bees. Well, not technically our bees, but we are going to be their host. We hope for several years. The beekeeper brought them on May Day. It was exciting. I had been waiting for months and months and they finally arrived. It was amazing to watch. He had this screened in box with a few bees on the outside, but they were all basically staying with the box (see main photo). He had set up the hive the day before and just simply pulled out this old can that was acting like a plug and literally dumped them into the hive. They swarmed like mad for a couple of hours and then settled down. They now come and go like they have always lived there. I would love to open the box and look in, but sadly, I don’t have the necessary gear. He was probably wise not to give me any, as I could definitely see myself peaking in there all the time – LOL! The craziest part of all this is the queen. She came in her own little box like a matchbox. He said he would be back in a few days to let her out. I guess they will kill her if she is let out before they have all set up housekeeping. Crazy stuff.

Needless to say, all this bee talk has me super excited about my garden. They won’t have any excess honey this first year, but next year I should be able to get some. I am so very much looking forward to cooking with it. And, I should also get some bees wax, which I can use for my natural beauty products. This is going to rock! I love it!

Life is good.


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