So I had this crazy idea the othe day. I decided I wanted to bbq a slab of bacon. Not exactly part of a vegan diet – which I am not on, so not sure why I mention it (LOL!), but it seemed so interesting that I decided to pursue it. As part of last week’s shopping, I went to this new butcher that I had been wanting to check out. Plus I had a coupon. Rumor had it that this place was all about local, organic, sustainable meats. No questions about where it has come from, which I appreciate. The shop was small and didn’t have nearly as many products available as I had hoped, but they did live up to their reputation. Everything they had out listed where it had come from and if it was grass fed or otherwise. It was nice to see that kind of detail. Of course, the cost reflected this. It wasn’t cheap. I had company coming for Sunday dinner and had planned to put something on the barbeque: my mission was to get a pot roast and slab bacon. I had hoped to find a slab with the skin on, but they had already cut what they had cured, so I went with what was available.

Like it has been for months though, it rained. I don’t mind a little rain. I live in Seattle afterall. But I do mind cold AND wet. That I am getting tired of. Anyway, at the last minute, I decided to bag the idea of barbequing. I set the oven to 400 degrees and got out a large castiron skillet that I knew would conduct the heat I was looking for. I roasted the bacon for about 45 minutes and had this finished up first so that we could eat on it for an appetizer while the roast finished off in the oven. It was SOOOOO delicious! I only ate a few pieces, but the rest of the crowd inhaled this. I served is roughly sliced with bread, 2 types of coarse mustard, and an assortment of pickles, olives and pickled peppers. By the time dinner rolled around, I was surprised that anybody was even interested in dinner, but we did a decent job on the nearly 4 pound roast I bought. Overall, the meal was tasty and the company enjoyable. It is in these small moments that I realize I am blessed.



  1. I’ve a pound of slab bacon in the oven at this very moment! It’s skin-on and skin side down (not really sure what to do with the skin, though my dog had ideas…) Will cut up the meat for weekend omelets. Or, maybe I won’t be able to wait that long. Thanks for the idea.

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