I decided to hit the famous Pike’s Place Market this week to do a little of my weekly shopping in hopes that I would be inspired. The weather here continues to be mostly rain although there have been moments of decent temperatures and even sun – occassionally. I am feeling very much ready for lighter fair and hoped that there would be something seasonal or different to spark some ideas. I very much enjoy wandering the stalls at the Market, especially this time of year when the tourist traffic is low. I got there nice and early and was able to park right up front. Even most of the stalls were still setting up. This week my goal was to prepare mostly vegetarian meals at dinnertime. My husband requested a tapas night, so I really needed to come up with some good ideas. I wandered about for a good 40 minutes and ended up buying 2 bags of vegetables and a bagful of stuff from the butcher. Clearly I am very flexible on my interpretation of vegetarian!

Here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday: Salad Nicoise. I serve this deconstructed so that everyone can select only the veggies they will eat. I also left the tuna on the side. Only 2 of the kids took any. Nobody was really in the mood for salad last night though. I think I was the only one who ate my whole salad.

Tuesday: Polenta Dumplings in Beef Stock. I know this isn’t vegetarian, but I have been wanting to try a new stock that uses ox tail, so today is the day, mostly because I have time for it.

Wednesday: Veggie Fajitas. I make my own tortillas and serve these with whole beans and cojita cheese. The kids will likely opt for what turns out to be a bean burito when all is said and done. I am not fooling myself into thinking that they can hardly wait for grilled mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. What kid would?

Thursday: Potato Leek Soup. I will likely also use up some of my chicken stock (with loads of meat in it!) from the freezer, so this will be more like a cocka-leeky soup. With some crusty bread, this will be yummy!

Friday: Ham with Brussels Sprout Salad. I bought a small ham just to start playing with some menu ideas for Easter. We don’t eat much ham around here. I think I can count on one hand the number of hams I have purchased in the last 12 years. Anyway, the plan is to see if I should put one on the menu for Easter.

Saturday: Tapas. I am still playing with this one. I wasn’t bowled over by anything at the Market, so I will likely wing this. I am likely to do a plate of roasted paprika potatoes, but after that, I am not sure. I will probably go through the fridge and see what I need to use and put that into play. I can already see a half stick of duck sausage that we need to use up. A Spanish Tortilla maybe?? I will post if I come up with anything worthy of blogging about.

Sunday: BBQ Ribs. We are having company for dinner. We have invited our former nanny and her boyfriend to come and eat with us. They always appreciate a home-cooked meal. They are in their early 20’s and he can really eat! My husband says we need to do “big meat” and so ribs is what he came up with. Not sure I am loving this, but we’ll see as it gets closer and I have time to give it some more thought.

I did buy some rhubarb and meyer lemons while at the market, plus some lemon sugar. I am toying with making curd, tarts, pudding, cookies, etc. The ideas keep coming, so I am going to have to narrow this down before they rot.

Now this part is completely random. My daughter, who is 4 and a half, took my phone the other day and had it on camera mode. She wandered all over the house taking random photos and laughing hysterically. I didn’t have time to look through them until this morning. Most of them were out of focus and many were VERY repetitive. I particularly love this one she took of her artwork that is currently plastered all over the fridge. She is a nut!


One thought on “BIG PLANS

  1. I didn’t say “big meat” – you did! I could see why you’d be embarrassed to post that, though, and more comfortable blaming your husband…

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