How would you finish this statement? I know that there are many times I think or say “If I had money, I would (fill in the blank).” I was lying in bed the other night trying to get to sleep, but instead thinking of my typical laundry list of things to do and what I needed to buy to finish the remodel, etc. Then I started in with my list of other things that I have on the agenda to purchase, sometime, if ever, in the future: i.e. laser hair removal (BTW, I hate shaving my legs!). It occurred to me then that I would need about $500K to do all of the things that are on “the list.” Seriously! If you added up everthing on the list, from a new car to replacing the iron, it adds up – and fast!

Anyway, thought I would share some of the items on my list. Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Flooring for office
New electrical box (for whole house)
New matress for oldest son’s new bed – would also need new bedspread, of course
Nightstands for master bedroom
New lamps for whole house (did I mention that the kids have broken every single lamp in the house, but that we use them anyway?)
Solar drying rack – I love that the weather is finally turning around and I could actually dry clothes outside if I had one of these
Chickens and coop
Fencing to close the last 15′ gap in the yard
Garden trellises
And last, but not least, laser hair removal. Because that is the real sign you have enough money to just go blow it.


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