After our weekend of Applebee’s-style crap eating, my husband took it upon himself to procure 2 organic balsamic roasted chickens from our local PCC Natural Markets. Not sure what possed him, but we don’t need 2 chickens to feed us, at least not yet. I am sure in 3-5 years, I will likely need a chicken a piece for each of the boys, but for now, we can still feed the family with one chicken. So here I was not only left with a carcass that I needed to stew down, but a whole other chicken to boot.

I decided to carve it up and freeze the meat for starters. Then I threw the carcass into the big ole pot with the other one. I fished out a handful of veggie parts that I had in the freezer for making stock and covered the whole thing with water and let it simmer for several hours. Once I had let it cool down to where it was manageable, I drained it over a big bowl and started to pick through the meat and bones and veggies. I had WAY more than I am used to for chicken soup, but decided to go with it. I put all the beautiful broth and meat back into the pot and back on the stove. I added enough soy sauce to flavor and darken the broth to where it looked more like a beef stock than chicken. I added probably what amounted to 2 teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper, a 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper and an equal amount of red chile flakes. I stemmed and chopped a whole bunch of curly kale and added it to the pot as well. I let this simmer for another hour or so. While this was cooking, I took a loaf of crusty bread, thinly sliced it and rubbed it with a clove of garlic and then toasted it under the broiler. When it was just about time to eat, I added 4 eggs that I had left sitting at room temperature for the day. I boiled these in the broth for 3 minutes and served immediately in bowls on top of a slice of the toasted bread. This was AWESOME! I could have eaten 4 bowls, but didn’t. I am watching my weight, remember?

However, I also had a quarter of a leftover chocolate cheesecake to deal with. I have been seeing all these posts for cake balls so decided to give it a whirl with cheesecake. Might have behoved me to maybe read a couple of those posts however. Not sure if these turned out all that great. They taste yummy, but seems like they didn’t shape up that well. They were super sticky to work with, but I didn’t want to roll them into anything, since I was going to finish them off with more cookie crums. I had to cut away the original crust, as it had baked into a form that wasn’t conducive for rolling. I think if I were to do this again, I may have rolled them in the crumbs or toffee pieces or something and then dipped them into chocolate. I had to restrain myself though as, again, we are trying to watch what we eat. I thought they kind of ended up looking like meatballs on a stick – LOL! I think I may send the rest of these to the office with my spouse. Those people will eat anything!




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