We spent this past weekend at a giant waterpark hotel. This was the place that my son had decided he wanted to spend his birthday, rather than have a larger party. At our house, the kids are only allowed to celebrate their birthdays with a large party every-other year. Otherwise, it is an intimate family party.

Since my son’s birthday is in March, he doesn’t often get the option to have a swim party. We allowed him and our oldest to each bring a friend, which turned out to be a brilliant idea. They were both so happily preoccupied that we didn’t have a single spat the whole weekend. It was delightful. My youngest, who can’t really swim and isn’t big enough for the slides, spent most of her time with me or her father. She and I played mermaid Barbies for a bit. Once she discovered that the lifejackets weren’t so bad, she became the queen of the pool. She loved floating freely and only reached out if she started to float away to sea. The boys were in and out of the wave pool and up and down the waterslides. They were so busy that I couldn’t keep track. I felt like I was watching the action of atoms: the four of them would come together, cluster, and then shoot off in random directions. I had no idea what had transpired in the cluster, or why they would shoot off like they did. There was no rhyme of reason to who they went with or where. It was fun to watch though.

Overall, the place was so crowded and noisy that it was exhausting just from the overstimulation. I didn’t enjoy the long lines for everything. They had one bank of 3 elevators in the main area where all the activities and restaurants were. It was easier to take the stairs, even with a four-year old. To top it off, the food was very low grade. I felt like we were eating at Denny’s the whole weekend. Then to really seal the deal, I had the genius idea to not only bring birthday cupcakes (I didn’t think these Malt Cupcakes were the greatest as the frosting was gummy and the malt flavor didn’t really come trough, but they got eaten just the same) and chips and juice sodas. BLAH! By the time we got home, I really just wanted a fresh salad stuffed with veggies. Fortunately, weekends like this only come around in a blue moon. I likely wouldn’t survive if they didn’t.

This week’s menu will be the usual meatless Monday. I plan to try out a few new recipes today. I have a corned beef and cabbage planned for St. Patrick’s Day. The rest of the week will come together around a kale soup I want to create, a basalmic pork dish from Jamie Oliver and whatever else strikes my fancy. I will hopefully manage to get some photos and take notes for a decent recipe.

Happy Eating!


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