I had the good fortune to have been able to not only eat out, but eat out with my spouse. Alone. Twice in less than a week! This is indeed a rare treat and one not to be taken lightly.

The first meal was very much planned. We had procured a babysitter for the evening and had reservations at a popular Seattle eatery called Spring Hill, thanks to my spouses efforts. I had heard mention of this new place about a year ago from a former coworker. It is located in a neighborhood where my husband and I owned our first house together. I didn’t look into it further or hear anymore about it after that one conversation at the water cooler, but had tucked it into the back of my mind on my “restaurants to try” list. So when a babysitter presented herself as available for a Friday night out, I posed the ever burning question: “Where shall we eat?” I had purchased a newsstand copy of Edible Seattle (if you have one of these for your city, I highly recommend picking up a copy) and asked my husband to flip through to the restaurant guide to see if there was anything that struck his fancy. He landed on Spring Hill and it was decided. He gave me some background on the history of the name and location and that the restaurant had won several awards. I felt a bit out of the loop suddenly. I wish I had bothered to look into this restaurant sooner.

Fortunately, my guilt was assuaged immediately when the food arrived. My husband ordered a dozen Willapa Bay oysters on the half shell (I am not a fan and did not partake) with cucumber granita, Oxtail and Brussels Sprouts with Consomme, and Pan Fried Trout. I had the Fuji Apple salad with house-cured Sopressata (I could have eaten a whole lot of this stuff!) and the Crispy Chicken, which turned out to be a rollade. It was served with these beautiful egg yolks which were so rich and yummy. We finished this off with a dish of vanilla bean ice cream (his) and peanut butter chocolate pie. Overall, the food was very well done and presented beautifully. I honestly cannot stop thinking about the oxtail soup though. This was so delicious that if I am given a death sentence for any reason, this would be the dish I would ask for. I am serious.

Yesterday was our other meal out. Alone. Did I mention that? Anyway, I had to be downtown to run an errand and I thought I would just check to see if Tom had any plans. I was in luck; his lunch meeting had been moved. I asked him to call and get us a table and that I would meet him at Matt’s – in the Market, that is. This was a lovely, spontaneous outting. We didn’t have a ton of time, but it was nice to see each other in the middle of the day. Tom ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger, which was topped with goat cheese and served with a side salad of chickpeas and golden raisins. I had the Pork Bahn Mi with a side of butternut squash and crab bisque. I ate everything. Tom at least had the decency to only eat half of his burger. This left me looking like a real piglet. Anyway, good food.

If you ever get to Seattle, you will have lot of good places to eat!


One thought on “A REVIEW… OR TWO

  1. You forgot to mention how tasty your squash & crab bisque was! Surprisingly, it had no hint of squash at all. But what do I know – I thought it tasted like salmon. And don’t forget how crispy your Banh Mi pork was – it was all delicious.

    I actually went to Matt’s in the Market again today for a lunch meeting, and had the pulled pork sandwich. I don’t have a blog, though, so I didn’t take a picture of it. ;P

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