Easy as… Gravlax?

After some debate with myself over what to cook lately, I have decided to got back through all the recipes that I keep bookmarking and/or cutting out of the many magazines I get and pull a few to actually try. I am taking this approach at this time mostly because I am too lazy to get really creative or involved after all the painting I have been doing. Just to refresh your memory, we decided to remodel the lower half of our house back in December. The project was estimated to be completed in 3-4 weeks. Right there I should have known I was in for it, but we proceeded anyway. Needless to say, here we are in March and there is still work to be done. Shocking, I know.

Anyway, I ended up getting stuck with the chore of doing the painting so that we could save some money to finish other parts of the project. Not sure how I got so lucky, but overall it wasn’t bad. I actually enjoyed a lot of it. I liked seeing the rooms transform as I worked. I didn’t like that my arms ached so bad at times I couldn’t get my shirt off. However, yesterday, I boldly declared (with a minor disclaimer) that I was officially finished. I then told my husband that if he sees something I missed or doesn’t like something, he would be wise to keep it to himself… at least for a week or so. As luck would have it, I noticed when I was getting to bed that I had failed to put a second coat of paint around the window trim. Sigh…

I have been making a lot of soup, sandwiches, and salads these days. The painting job, combined with my kids’ sports schedule, has necessitated that I keep it simple. I have also not been in the mood for more pasta or heavy meats. I am ready to move to the lighter foods of Spring and Summer. Now if we could just get the weather to do the same…

Last week I made gravlax. This is a cured salmon that is typically eaten with bagels and cream cheese. Again, I figured this would work in perfectly with all the other stuff we have going on. The salmon takes 3-4 days to cure in the fridge, so it does take some planning. I personally liked it and thought it was yummy. My kids hated the texture. My husband didn’t love the herbs I used. Overall, I likely won’t make this again, but it was fun to give it a try.


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