So as luck would have it, we have been inundated with cold weather this week. It has been 30 degrees or lower all week and snowing off and on for most of that time. I figure it is my fault, since I complained about it last week. I brought this on myself, as the saying goes. I am now left wearing several layers of clothing all day, including inside, just trying to take the edge off. I feel like I need a tropical escape, but that is not likely in the cards. Our neighbor is currently in Hawaii celebrating his 40th birthday. He keeps posting his snorkling photos on Facebook. I think he is just being mean. I must admit though, days like these make me reminiscent of my childhood, where I would have spent a cold day in Colorado under the table fort with my Barbies and my best friend, Karyn and, maybe, just maybe, our younger sisters, Kimmy and Nikke. Instead, I find myself folding laundry. Curious turn of events, that.

Even though I can’t get to Hawaii, I can dream of warmer days. I plan to spend the rest of today mapping out my garden. I bought a TON of seeds with my gardening group. Sadly, only part of the order was for the group, the rest were things that I wanted to try. I suppose it will be a fortunate thing, later, that they were already out of a couple of the things I had had been planning to try, like the Carolina Black Peanut. Who knows if they would even grow here in Seattle, but thought it would be fun to try. I hate to admit it, but I do a lot of gardening that way. Some people are so serious about their planning that they have it all down to a science around water needs, sun vs. shade, etc. I should, considering I have a degree in Biology, but I prefer to play it fast and loose. That’s just how I roll.


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