This week has been full of strange, Spring weather. We have had some brilliantly sunny moments, the usual cold rain and even snow and sleet. It has left me and the kids looking for comfort in the foods we eat. The kids have recently had a bout with the flu as well, so I think we all just feel the need to hunker down and hide out. I must admit, I had hoped that the snow would have been significant enough for us to play in and use as an excuse for copious amounts of hot cocoa, but no such luck.

In my effots to look for comforting, interesting food, I decided to make crab ravioli. I had originally planned to make a simple ricotta and egg ravioli, but then I stopped at the fish market to get some salmon for my house-curred gravlax that we are having later this week. Anyway, I love crab and am always looking for an excuse to cook with it. I have been working on my pasta technique and feel that I have figured it out, finally. The last few times I have made it, it was silky and thin. I am so pleased with myself. My husband bought me this pasta mold, as he is a big fan of stuffed pasta. This was helpful in some ways, but seemed to have some limitations. The boys were more than happy to “show me how to do it” when I was unable to get the roller to cut through and make perfect squares. In the end, most of them came out pretty good. I had a couple where the tops stuck to the mold and then I couldn’t use them. Overall, they were pretty yummy. I served them with a simple lemon-butter sauce and tossed them with rapini. Delish!

And just because I love dessert, I had to make one. I made a batch of maple-bacon ice cream and an angelfood cake. I liked the homemade version of angelfood, but the bacon ice cream was a bit much. It was rather off-putting to take a creamy bite of ice cream only to then be stuck trying to chew through the coldness to get to the bacon. This would have been more interesting to have the candied bacon made into bits and then used for a garnish. Also, I didn’t have bourbon so I used brandy instead. Sadly, I was convinced bacon ice cream was the answer. Oh well, it will be better next time. Never know until you try.




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