I am very ready for Spring. I am tired of the cold and wet. The combo is sometimes unbearable. I live in a fairly temperate area, so I suppose this complaint seems ridiculous to some, but it literally cuts to the bone and is so hard to shake. I am just ready for things to warm up. Besides, I like the flowers!

My youngest and I spent about 15 minutes this Saturday digging out tulip and daffodil bulbs that were growing in the grass where I have been trying to eradicate them for the last 3 years. We moved about half of them into pots in the house. Not sure how successful this exercise will be, but I figured it was worth a try. Looks like the daffodils might bloom shortly. We will see… I likely would have put the other half back out in the yard if it hadn’t been so cold out. Our little fingers were red and painful in just that short period of time. I love that my little lady is so excited about Spring and is ready to get back out into the yard. She asks me daily to go out and garden. I think this weekend’s brief outting may prevent her from asking for a while at least.

Not sure if anyone even notices, but I have decided to update the permanent header photo with a new one from the garden each month (including the full-size photo in this post as well). Thought it might be nice to see it come back to life. I have big plans to add some new things to the yard this year. I can hardly wait to see what works and what doesn’t. Right now I still have a lot of space with onions and garlic in it. I am not sure that I will try brocoli or cabbage again, as they ended up being bug food. I definitely want to do potatoes again and I am hoping to try out some new types of storage beans. Again, I will keep you posted on what I do, especially as I move into canning season.

Happy Eating!

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