The Devil is in the Details

So does that make construction contractors Satan?? I think maybe it does. In my case at least. OK, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic.

Here is the backstory: We started this remodeling project a year ago and then I lost my job. Fortunately, we weren’t too far into it, so it was easy enough to stop where we were and wait until we had recovered financially. So here we are a year later, knee deep in construction. Or at least we were until the contractor walked off the job – sort of. Turns out he started this business as a way to make some money after he had lost his regular job. What I didn’t know was that he was still looking for work and had planned to go back when the opportunity presented itself. Which it did, so here we are…

Today, the destruction has been completed and the main reconstruction is completed. I keep trying to remind myself that we are actually doing pretty good. What remains are all the detail stuff: Like putting up the light fixtures, patching errant holes, stuff like that. We also had just figured out the flooring (meaning that the spouse and I finally agreed on colors), only to discover that we couldn’t afford our choices. Again, back to square one. We have the paint figured out, but I had hoped to have someone knock it out in a couple of days, rather than my spouse and I try to tackle it weekend after weekend until it was done. I am trying desperately not to obsess about it, but I don’t think I am doing a very good job.

As it stands, I can’t put anything away that was displaced by the project. Which means that the whole family is still somewhat displaced themselves. It also seems futile to attempt to scrape the inch-deep layer of dust that settled onto all of those same things, since I can’t do anything else with them. My nervous energy is likely to get the better of me if I can’t find a channel – besides making baked goods! – for this.


One thought on “The Devil is in the Details

  1. This too shall pass and you will get through it! You are an amazingly strong woman and I know this will all work out!

    Can’t wait for you to post the finished product!

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