Bubble and Squeak? Only the English would come up with this name

I am not doing a whole lot of cooking this week because I am leaving town, but I had been planning to make Bubble and Squeak for weeks now, so I went ahead with it. I had a ton of trouble trying to find sausages that were still linked. I usually hit the butcher on Mondays, but he had to make a special effort to get these for me, as they typically cut them right after they are made. Apparently, his staff is too efficient! I had to kill 2 more weeks even after my request. In the end, it was worth the wait. I saw this made on Jamie at Home. It was as good as the images promised it would be. I will definitely make this again. The only issue I had with the whole recipe (outside of procurement) was that my oven filled with smoke about 15 minutes before the timer was due to go off. When I opened the oven to peak in, the smoke came billowing out and set off the smoke detectors. Not a great start to any meal – LOL! My kids were convinced I had burned the whole lot. I had not, but it was still a tough sell. Other than the ever present onions in this recipe, even the kids liked it. Delish!



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